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Melanie Brandstein

A stylized cartoon of Melanie's face, grey hair, sunglasses

      Welcome to the k9 Gallery of Art, where you can embark on a delightful journey through the enchanting world of dogs. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Melanie Brandstein, the artist and creator of I am excited to be able to exhibit my canine images with you and thank you for taking the time to view them. Each image aims to evoke fond memories of past experiences, capture the joy of future aspirations, or simply appreciate the cherished dogs in our lives today.

I am passionate about showcasing the remarkable ability of dogs to communicate with humans. Through my art and observations, I highlight the intricate world of non-verbal communication, where dogs use a diverse array of facial expressions and body language, mirroring our own ways of connecting. Whether it’s the playful energy of a puppy playing with a tennis ball or the joy of playing outdoors, the joy and laughter dogs bring to our lives just being with them, the warm smell and soft kisses, their funny faces and soft coats, all are the subjects of my canine images.

The k9 Gallery of Art represents the culmination of my professional journey, combining all my experience as a graphic/web designer, photographer and mobile dog groomer. My educational background, includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with emphasis on painting, graphic design and photography. The dogs featured in the artwork often exhibit classic pet grooms specific to their respective breeds and are an excellent reference for dog groomers.

Prints are available on paper or canvas. We use high-quality, long-lasting ink that lock in the rich hues and delicate details. Our acid-free, pH-neutral papers and canvas are designed to stand the test of time, resisting yellowing and deterioration, so each scene remains as captivating as the day it was printed.

Thank you for your interest and for spending time with us. I hope you enjoy your journey through the world of dogs and that our artwork brings back cherished memories and evokes the deep connection we share with our k9 friends. Perhaps you’ll find a likeness that reminds you of that special furry friend. — Melanie

Melanie Grooming Rosco inside van

Above: Melanie grooming her beloved Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Rosco, inside her “PoodleDoodle” grooming van (2003).

yorkie with perfect haircut wears a little plain bowtie standing proudly

K9 Gallery of Art: A Dog Grooming Reference

After 30 years as a graphic artist and 15 years as a dog groomer, my art reflects not just my love of pets, but also my appreciation of the masterful haircuts they are given. Grooming is an art as well as a skill and has its roots in keeping Fido healthy as well as looking fine. The goal is to maintain his/her coat to be comfortable and easy to care for, or groomed for competition in a dog show whose conformation requires a hair style demanding almost daily upkeep.

From Schnauzers to Poodles, each breed that grows long hair has its own special grooming requirements and standards that determine its shape and lines. So, it’s just natural that I carried this love of dog grooming with me into my portraits and whimsical recreations of our puppy dog friends.

Finding a detailed realistic color picture of a classically groomed purebred dog can often be challenging. Grooming manuals are full of diagrams and black and white drawings, and breed specific books are expensive and have very few pictures that show off a classic groom. The dog owner is often left to just take a chance and hope their dog groomer knows his/her stuff. Big box groomers are often freshly out of a few weeks training and might not know the nuances of each purebred dog’s grooming standards. If you are new to the dog grooming business or an owner looking for a picture to show your groomer the style you would like, you might find it here.

K9 Gallery of Art is adding more breeds all the time. Once we have all the dogs that visit the grooming salon pictures shown, you should be able to find your breed in a beautiful picture sporting an adorable and traditional cut for its breed.

About the Red Security Lines

You might have noticed the red lines running across the images available for purchase on my website. These lines serve a crucial purpose in protecting the authenticity of my artwork. They act as a security feature to prevent unauthorized copying, which is essential for maintaining the value of each individual piece. Don't worry, these lines won't be present on any prints you purchase. This protection isn't just for me as the artist; it’s also for you as a cherished collector. It ensures that the artwork you own is genuine and authentically created by the k9 Gallery of Art and we hope you will understand their purpose and not find them too distracting.

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