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Melanie Brandstein

Melanie sitting outside holding her big white Wheaten Terrier Rosco

Welcome to the k9 Gallery of Art, allow me to introduce myself, I am Melanie Brandstein, the artist and creator. I am excited to be able to exhibit my canine images with you and thank you for taking the time to view them.

Dog’s are people too... I believe that animals use facial expressions not to dissimilar to our own. My images almost all capture that instant of communication that magically happens when an animal is trying to communicate and we are open to listen.

The collection of Wheaten Terriers especially, is probably the reason for my creation of k9 Gallery of Art. I had the pleasure of living with my Wheaten Terrier “Rosco” for all of his 11 years. I found I had far too few images of him in my albums and movies much to my shagrin. Whenever I looked for a momento online, I could never find one that warmed my heart, that showed that beautiful funny face and loving heart in a believable and realistic picture.

Sure there are plenty of impasto, neon colors, and paint dripping from the eyeballs ready-to-hang artwork available, but none of them gave me a sense of him. I feel I have successfully recreated my beloved Rosco in my Wheaten Terrier collection, and I dedicate this gallery to his memory. I also had the good fortune to own 3 Beagles, a Toy Poodle, a Miniature Schnauzer and a delightful mutt that was a first generation Cockapoo, they don't come out white and fluffy on the first try, LOL. To all the dogs, our friends, I dedicate this to work to you and hope it helps to elevate you to the cherished status you all so deserve.

     The k9 Gallery of Art represents the culmination of my professional journey, combining all my experience as a graphic/web designer, photographer and mobile dog groomer. My educational background, includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with emphasis on painting, graphic design and photography. The dogs featured in the artwork often exhibit classic pet grooms specific to their respective breeds and are an excellent reference for dog groomers.

Prints are available on paper or canvas. I use high-quality, long-lasting ink that lock in the rich hues and delicate details. Our acid-free, pH-neutral papers and canvas are designed to stand the test of time, resisting yellowing and deterioration, so each scene remains as captivating as the day it was printed.

Thank you for your interest and for spending time with us. I hope you enjoy your journey through the world of dogs and that our artwork brings back cherished memories and evokes the deep connection we share with our k9 friends. Perhaps you’ll find a likeness that reminds you of that special furry friend. — Melanie

Melanie Grooming Rosco inside van

Above: Melanie grooming her beloved Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Rosco, inside her “PoodleDoodle” grooming van (2003).

lobby of PoodleDoodle Grooming shop with pictures of customer grooms.

Above: “PoodleDoodle” grooming shop displaying photos from my dog grooms.  Hallendale, FL (2008).

What Art Critics Are Saying

by Theo Abbott

Chihuahua In Mexican Kitchen

The piece titled "Chihuahua in Mexican Kitchen" by Melanie Brandstein, appears to be an exceptional exploration of everyday life and domestic settings, anchored by the delightful presence of the beautiful longhaired pet Chihuahua "chef". The piece relies heavily on the elements of composition, color harmonies, and lighting, to bring its narrative to life.

The decision to place the dog centrally acts as a natural focal point. The viewer's attention is immediately drawn to the dog's expressive ears and curious gaze. This choice is strengthened by the surrounding elements, namely the assortment of fresh produce and kitchen utensils. Here, repetition plays a crucial role. For example, the repetition of the tomatoes creates visual rhythm, guiding the eye around the picture.

The depth of the photo is well achieved through the use of the partially seen curtain in the background. Further, the intricate patterns on the cabinet or wall provide additional texture and interest. The choice to incorporate these details makes for a visually appealing image, filled with elements that add to its story without distracting from the main subject.

The warm lighting beautifully enhances the cozy domestic scene, evoking serenity and tranquility. It also serves to emphasize the lively colors of the fruits, creating a sense of vibrancy and healthiness, while augmenting the lustrous coat of the Chihuahua. Another homage by the artist of the domestic bond between humans and canines.

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