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k9 Gallery of Art Grand Opening!
Photorealistic Fine Art Prints of Purebred Dogs

k9galleryofart Illustration of Yellow Building with Grand Opening Signing, Skywriting, Balloons, and all breeds of dogs sitting outside the building. k9 Gallery of Art Logo.
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Love In Every Frame!
k9 Gallery of Art
An Online Only Gallery
Original Work by
Melanie Brandstein
4 rooms showing k9galleryofart framed prints in a bathroom, livingroom, bedroom, and nursery

Welcome to the k9 Gallery of Art! Puppy Dog Fine Art Prints on Paper and Wrapped Canvas.Choose your favorite breed from Beagles to Bulldogs, Retrievers to Poodles, Shepherds to Dachshunds. Original prints to warm your home or office today. Love in every frame.



Premium Paper Prints (Unframed):

Size 3:2 Ratio Price
12 x 18" Horizontal $67.65 USD
18 x 24" Horizontal 77.65 USD
24 x 36" Horizontal 87.65 USD
12 x 16" Vertical 65.65 USD
18 x 24" Vertical 77.65 USD
24 x 36" Vertical 87.65 USD

Wrapped Canvas Prints:

Size 4:5 Ratio Price
18 x 24" Horizontal $135.95 USD
24 x 36" Horizontal 167.95 USD
12 x 16" Vertical 82.95 USD
18 x 24" Vertical 135.95 USD
24 x 36" Vertical 167.95 USD

$12.95 Shipping USA



Ready To Hang:
8"x10" SIGNED & FRAMED $54.95

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

Each museum-quality print includes a Certificate of Authenticity, personally signed and dated by me, the artist. This certificate will be mailed upon purchase in a separate envelope. It includes the title, date of purchase and a unique serial number hologram for your fine art print. This verifies that your print is a genuine product of the k9 Gallery of Art and should accompany the piece to prove authenticity and ownership.

About the Red Security Lines

You might have noticed the red lines running across the images available for purchase on my website. These lines serve a crucial purpose in protecting the authenticity of my artwork. They act as a security feature to prevent unauthorized copying, which is essential for maintaining the value of each individual piece. Don't worry, these lines won’t be present on any prints you purchase. This protection isn’t just for me as the artist; it’s also for you as a valued client. It ensures that the artwork you own is genuine and authentically created by the k9 Gallery of Art and we hope you will understand their purpose and not find them too distracting.

k9 Gallery of Art
An Online Only Gallery
Melanie Brandstein