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I hope you will enjoy this large collection of Chihuahua images and find the one that resonates with you to bring home as a treasured print. The Chihuahua, named after the state in Mexico, is a breed that packs a lot of personality into its tiny size. With its alert expression and large, expressive eyes, the tiny but mighty Chihuahua is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Chihuahuas come in both smooth coat and longhaired varieties, as well as in many standard colors. I have endeavored to show the many faces of these wonderful dogs in my art. Whether you want to decorate your home, spice up your office, or surprise a fellow Chihuahua lover, these fine art prints are sure to delight, inspire and impress.


Chihuahua In Woven Mexican Basket
Chihuahua In Woven Mexican Basket


An endearing portrait of a small puppy with glossy dark fur and a tan marking above its eyes, nose, and cheeks. Its ears are perked up and to the side, giving it an alert yet tender look, with one ear flopping slightly at the top. Large, round puppy eyes with a reflective sheen give the impression of curiosity. The puppy is nestled inside a colorful woven basket with a vibrant pattern that contrasts pleasantly against the bold, uninterrupted red background. The focus on the puppy is sharp, while the foreground and background blur gently, emphasizing the subject.

Chihuahua Puppy On Handwoven Mexican Blanket
Chihuahua Puppy Handwoven Mexican Blanket


The image features an adorable Chihuahua puppy resting in a woven basket. The puppy has large, expressive eyes and its ears are perked up in a state of alertness. A colorful, patterned blanket lines the inside of the basket, providing a cozy nest for the puppy. In the background is a vibrant blur of colors, suggesting an assortment of flowers, which adds a cheerful, lively backdrop to the serene and cute subject at the forefront. The photograph is rich in textures and hues, from the intricate weave of the basket to the soft fur of the puppy, creating a heartwarming and visually pleasing scene.

Chihuahua puppy standing on back legs with a green tennis ball between them
Chihuahua Puppy with Tennis Ball


This artwork features a Chihuahua puppy with a tan coat and large, expressive eyes. The puppy has ears that are perky and stand upright, adding to its alert and curious look. The puppy is standing on its hind legs with its front paws outstretched slightly above a tennis ball, indicating a playful stance, as though it is ready to pounce or play. The background is a simple, solid green which highlights the puppy and gives the scene a fresh and lively feel. The tennis ball sits on the ground, directly below the puppy's paws, creating a focal point at the bottom of the image and suggesting that the ball is the object of the puppy's attention. Overall, the image captures a moment of playful innocence and charm.

2 beautiful longhair Chihuahua Puppies in basket with pink roses
Chihuahua Puppy Valentines


The photograph features two Chihuahua puppies inside a basket surrounded by pink roses. The background is composed of vibrant pink hues, harmonizing with the rose theme. Both puppies have large, round eyes and coats with shades of light brown, caramel, and white. The one on the left has ears pointed upward while the right one's ears are slightly less erect. The basket filled with soft-looking roses creates a charming and whimsical setting, projecting a sense of cuteness and warmth.

Smooth White Chihuahua In Mexico
Smooth White Chihuahua In Mexico


There is a delightful juxtaposition between the chihuahua, an iconic symbol of Mexico, and the urban background dominated by vibrant colors and historical architecture. The picture showcases a white Chihuahua standing on a rooftop. The dog has pointed ears and white fur. It looks directly at the camera, adding a sense of engagement with the viewer. The background features a picturesque view of a town in Mexico, the ancestral origin of the Chihuahua. In the distance there are multi-colored buildings and two prominent church towers with crosses atop. The clear blue sky and the warm sunlight bathing the scene create a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Shadows cast on the rooftop hint at the bright midday sun.

Longhaired Chihuahuas on Green
Longhaired Chihuahuas on Green


The sharp photographic acuity and contrasting colors – the yellow platform against the green background – draws your attention to the Chihuahua dogs at the center of the scene. There's an interesting harmony in the dogs' attentiveness, one might wonder what has captivated their interest outside the frame. The horizontal line of the dogs' ears brings a symmetry to the image, guiding the viewer’s gaze throughout the entire piece. The dogs' coat colors also complement the vibrant backdrop, keeping the scene cohesive and visually appealing.

Longhaired Chihuahua, Basaseachic Falls, Chihuahua, Mexico
Chihuahua, Basaseachic Falls, Chihuahua MX


This picturesque vertical landscape features a Chihuahua, seated on a large rock. The dog has a rich golden-brown coat with lighter, fluffier fur around its neck, resembling a mane and its ears are large, upright, and pointed, a characteristic of the breed. In the backdrop, there is a picturesque waterfall surrounded by lush greenery. The waterfall cascades down a vertical rocky face, creating a white, misty veil before plunging into a lower basin that is not visible in the frame. The natural scenery provides a serene yet majestic contrast to the small dog in the foreground.

Chihuahua At k9 Gallery of Art
Chihuahua At K9 Gallery of Art


A heartwarming work of art oozing with positive emotions and energy, created with skillful technique and thoughtfully chosen elements. The artwork features a Chihuahua sitting in front of a framed picture of a Chihuahua puppy playing with a tennis ball in a large gold frame, alledgedly on the wall of a gallery or museum the main subject is visiting. Both the dog on the reflective wax floor and the cute Chihuahua puppy playing with a tennis ball in the framed picture, have large, expressive eyes, light brown short hair coats, white markings, and prick ears, perked up attentively. An interesting twist that showcases this beloved little breed very imaginatively.

Chihuahua On Mexican Flag Color Blend
Chihuahua On Mexican Flag Color Blend


This artwork showcases a longhaired Chihuahua standing in a profile pose. Its head turned to look attentively around the back, with its ears perked up and longhaired plume tail curved upwards. It has a rich brown and white coat plus large expressive eyes and ears that add depth to its expression. The background features a gradient of warm colors transitioning from a deep red at the bottom through yellow and orange, to a beautiful gradiet of light to dark green hues at the top. A sweeping dramatic and vibrant backdrop reminiscent of Mexico's flag, the original origin of our little Chihuhua proudly dominating the image.

Longhaired Chihuahua In Kitchen - Mexican Origin
Longhaired Chihuahua In Mexican Kitchen


A longhaired Chihuahua is positioned in the center if this kitchen scene surrounded by an assortment of fresh produce and kitchenware. The beautiful cream and white fur and calm sweet expression capture the viewer's attention. On the counter in front of the dog a variety of food items are displayed including limes, tomatoes and fresh herbs for a wonderful salsa. In the background, a partially seen curtain with a floral print adds depth, with a glimpse of what looks like a cabinet displaying intricate patterns.

Chihuahua with Mexican Pots
Chihuahua with Mexican Pots


The image exudes warmth and personality, showcasing not just the charm of the dog but also the beauty of handcrafted artistry in the pottery. The blurred background suggests an indoor setting with natural light contributing to the cozy ambiance of the scene. The artwork featurins a brown and white Chihuahua sitting amidst an array of colorful items and plants. To the left is one such pot with reds, yellows, and blues forming florals and geometric motifs. Near the top left corner is a green, leafy plant with ruffled edges, likely a type of fern, partially obscuring the view and providing a vivid contrast of greenery around the dog.

Chihuahua At Home with Plants
Chihuahua At Home with Plants


The picture features a charming, small-sized Chihuahua with fluffy white and tan fur sitting indoors. The dog displays large, prominent ears, which are characteristically pointed and fringed with long hair. It has dark, expressive eyes and a delicate muzzle. The dog's fur is fine and soft-looking, with a slight waviness that adds texture to the image. Beside the dog, there is a collection of terracotta pots with lush green plants that bring a fresh and natural feeling to the scene. The lighting casts a warm glow, from a nearby window, which accentuates the dog's fur and the plants' leaves. Overall, the image captures a peaceful moment that highlights the beauty and gentleness of the dog, surrounded by subtle elements of indoor greenery.

Chihuahua Puppy In Tiny Basket on Talavera Tile
Chihuahua Puppy, Tiny Basket, Talavera Tile


An enchanting image, filled with warmth and charm, beautifully juxtapose the natural and the synthetic, the animate and the inanimate, creating an engaging tableau of life in all its forms. The Chihuaua puppy, with its large expressive eyes, effortlessly conveys a sense of curiosity and anticipation. Moreover gaze directly at the viewer encourages a connection and interaction that transcends the picture itself. The orange, blue, red, and yellow hues, coupled with geometric shapes and circular accents, a style known as Mexican Talavera, offset the puppy's delicate features. The rigid geometry and hard surface of the tile provides a compelling contrast to the soft, fluid, organic form of both the beautifully handwoven basket and the tiny puppy.

Chihuahua Puppy In Beautiful Basket
Chihuahua Puppy In Beautiful Basket


Capturing the essence of innocence and playfulness, "Chihuahua Puppy in Beautiful Basket" captivates the viewer through its tantalizing textures and innate warmth. The soft glows and blurred backgrounds give a dreamy, ethereal feel to the painting, creating an intimate atmosphere. The use of light tan and white coloring of the Chihuahua, juxtaposed against the textured pattern of the wheat and linen colored basket, allows a delightful play of subtle and simular colors. Attention is given to the Chihuahua's expressive eyes, which express a level of emotion and vulnerability that is instantly relatable. The perked ears and visible paw further accentuate the cuteness, adding a touch of charm.


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